Research & Publications


Paper Published in the proceedings of the ERUDITION – The Albertian Journal of Management on Quality of work life Initiative: A Gap analysis with reference to Demographic Factors, July, 2014.( July, 2014, ISSN0973-7939, p.nos 32-39).

Paper Published in the proceedings of the International Journal of Scientific Research on “Survival Strategies of Unorganised Retailers (Kirana Stores/Mom And Pop Stores) in Coimbatore city”, December, 2014. ( December,2014, ISSN2277-8179, Volume 3, Issue 12, p.nos 1-5). Business Schools Coimbatore.

Paper Published in the proceedings of the International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology on “Critical Success Factors Influencing Performance of Construction Projects”, May 2015. ( May 2015, ISSN2347-6710, Volume 4, Issue 5, p.nos 3285-3292).

Paper Published in the proceedings of the International Journal of Management on “Construction Project Management during Economic crisis”, Sep-Dec 2015. (Sep=Dec 2015, ISSN print-0976-6421, Volume 6 Issue 3,  p.nos 122-134).

Dr.Priya Kalyansundaram

 Published an research article title The Effect of Stress among Medical Representatives Working in Coimbatore City, Tamilnadu, India, European Journal of Social Sciences ISSN 1450-2267 Vol. 55 No 4 December, 2017, pp.452-461

Published a Research article titled Expectations Comes True- A Study on Pygmalion Effect on the Performance of Employees European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences ISSN 1450-2275 Issue 96 December, 2017 © FRDN Incorporated

Published a Research articled in Asian Journal of Research In Social Sciences and Humanities ISSN:   2249-7315(Online), (Impact Factor: 0.315 GLOBAL) To Study on the Linkages between Personal Competencies and Stress among Medical Representatives in Coimbatore City. 2250-1665(PRINT).

Prof: S.Saravanan

Future of 3G in Rural Mobile Communication, International Conference on Survival and Growth Strategies in Changing Business Scenario-2009.


Dr.S.Sundararajan, “HR practices as determinants of Organisational Commitment and Employee Retention” Published on ‘SIMS International Journal of Management Research’ in the month of Jan-June 2017 Vol.4 issue 1 pp 45-55 ISSN No.2349-5337

Dr.S.Sundararajan, “Role of higher educational institutions in reinventing the skills for global competency” Published on ‘Indo Global Journal of Applied Management Science’ in the month of August 2016 Vol.4 issue 3 pp 20-25 ISSN No.2320-7892 IF:3.002 & QF: 0.90

 Dr.S.Sundararajan, “Employees Attrition IT’s determinants in Service Sector”- empirical study” Published on ‘International Journal of Research in Management & Technology (IJRMT), in the month of Mar-Apr 2016’ Vol.6, Issue No.2 ISSN: 2249-9563.

 Dr.S.Sundararajan, “The qualities of Ideal Teacher in Higher Education InstitutionsPublished in the Observer of Management Education (India) in the month of December 2017 Vol.12  Issue.12 pp 37-43 (ISSN 2321-6353)

Dr.S.Sundararajan, “Teaching creativity in Management Education Published in the Observer of Management Education (India) in the month of March 2017 Vol.12  Issue.3 pp 54-58 (ISSN 2321-6353)

 Dr.S.Sundararajan, Higher Education Condition of India is Worrying – Need Attention Published in International Journal of Education & Applied Sciences Research, Vol.4, Issue 01, Jan- 2017,  pp 33-43  ISSN: 2349 –2899 ,ISSN: 2349 –4808 (Print)

 Dr.S.Sundararajan, “Quality Quandary Published in the Observer of Management Education (India) in the month of January 2017 Vol.12  Issue.1 pp 12-28 (ISSN 2321-6353).

Prof: K.Thirugnana Sambanthan

 Innovation in Education – An Overview is published in SIMS International Journal of Management  Volume 1 Issue 2 July- December 2015 (ISSN 2349-5537).

 “Optimized web content mining is published in Life Science Journal, (ISSN 1097-8135) (Impact Factor:0.38).

Dr.D.Sathish Kumar

 Dr.D.Sathishkumar “Impact of Industrial Policy on Small Scale Industries (SSIs): An    Exploratory Study” International Journal of Advance Engineering Technology, pp.246-254,Vol-VII,No-II,2016, ISSN:0976-3945, Anna University Updated List 2016.

Dr.N.V.Poovendhiran, Dr.D.Sathishkumar “Impact of Yoga on School student Performance: A Study” Studies on Ethno Medicine, ISSN:0973-5070. (Paper Accepted for Publication) Anna University Annexure-I.

 Dr.D.Sathishkumar “ Role of Female strength empowerment in India” International Journal of Management,IT & Engineering (IJMIE), ISSN: 2249-0558, Vol-7, Issue-3. PP-69-75, March 2017.

 Dr.D.Sathishkumar “Secure Model for E-Supply Chain Management Application” Nehru Journal of Management and Research (NJMR), ISSN:2230-7974, Vol-4, Issue-1. P-42, March 2017.