Expert Talk

Stress Management


Sankara Institute of Management and Science conducted a Expert Talk on 18 th Oct on the topic of “Mental Health Awareness and Stress Management” at TKP Hall . Ms. Vijaya of 1 MBA welcomed the gathering and introduced our chief guest. The resource person of session was Dr. S. Naveen Kumar -MBBS, MD(PSY), PSG Medical college Hospital, Coimbatore. He started the session by Sharing the information about World Health day and the lecture about Health, Mental Health and illness and their symptoms. He discussed various facts about Depression and Symptoms of depression also. And he proposed many ways to overcome depression. He addressed about the myth and facts about suicide and substance related activities among recent youth.

The next session was about “Stress management” in which he shared the information about Prevalence of stress, Psychological distress, Stress among genders and so on. He also explained about the common symptoms of stress and highlighted about a quote that “One negative thought leads to then another, and it continues. At the end of the session he explained ways and means to relax our mind and stay cool and calm. The session ended with vote of thanks proposed by Ms Aarthi of I MBA.