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Top Placement MBA Colleges in Coimbatore

  • Top Placement MBA Colleges in Coimbatore

    • February 12, 2018
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    Top Placement MBA Colleges in Coimbatore

    Are HR Professional  future Santa?

    Top Placement MBA Colleges in Coimbatore. Top Placement MBA Colleges in Coimbatore. Whenever we think of HR Professionals from our point of view they are one who is engrossed in calculation of monthly leaves, salaries or conducting induction program for the new employee. But with the advancement in technology the image of the Human Resource is changing and they are also evolving themselves into equal partners in the business and slowly they are turning into Santa Claus for both the organisation and for the employees. The few points discussed below

    Empowering digital transformation of the organizations

    HR Professionals are being given the responsibility to transform traditional organization to modern organisation and for most of the millennial who are all digital savvy and this is an amazing gift from Santa Claus himself.

    Creating On- boarding relevant and fun

    An employee’s on-boarding experience is the first impression when they start the journey within the organisation. During their on-boarding the employees need to access to materials to get started at their job. The materials are available in the form of in house or online resources.  As a Santa the HR’s are helping the new employees.

    Employer Branding

    The HR professionals wears the hat of the marketer and to ensure that the company’s values, vision and mission is transformed into branding material which not only help them to attract the right talent but also ensures that the employees remain connected with the company. Here too the HR acts like Santa for both the organization and for the future employees.

    Succession Planning

    The organization often feel challenged when it comes to charting out individual career paths for each of their employees. And most people at the top leadership ask themselves is that which of the talent which is either at the lowest rung of the ladder of the middle management which would succeed them in the future. The HR professional is tasked with buying the technology, implementing it to create the career paths of the individual employees within the workplace. Again the HR acts as a Santa for both the top leadership and the successors.

    Building learning programs for the high potential talent

    Highly potential talent employees are the most valuable asset for the organisation but the challenge lies in mentoring, training and retaining them. The HR’s identifies the highly potential talent and ensure that they are working on projects which align with the goals of the organisation. Here too the HR acts as a Santa for the organisation. If the HR professional has made your organisation a better place or has contributed to making it smarter and more intelligent, then he is a Santa for you and the organisation, for he is ensuring that you and your organisation move towards the future. Top Placement MBA Colleges in Coimbatore. Top Placement MBA Colleges in Coimbatore.

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